About Us

The Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS) is established to serve and represent the interests of its members to the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE), throughout Simon Fraser University, and beyond to industry and other engineering societies. If your declared major is in MSE, or you're taking any engineering course in Surrey, then you are automatically a member of the MSESS.

The MSESS, run entirely by students, promotes school spirit and fosters community building by providing opportunities for you to interact with fellow students, faculty, staff and industry. Social events take place throughout the year, and the Student Society also organizes career fairs and sends members to conferences including the Western Engineering Competition and the Canadian Engineering Competition.

My name is David Martinez, and I will be overseeing the interactions with external student bodies and societies, as well as conference delegations, operations, logistics and travel itineraries. In short, other than the president, I will act as the face of the student society externally!

To give some context, our student society maintains relationships with other Canadian student societies through hosting and attending inter-societal events, competitions, and meetings through each school’s VP External and president.

As well, our student society is also part of a larger student society called the Western Engineering Student Society Team (WESST). Through WESST, events like the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) are possible.

Within SFU, I will also be working with the departmental student unions within the Faculty of Applied Science FAS, composed of ESSS, SSSS, CSSS, and of course the MSESS.

I will also be responsible for planning the iron ring ceremony for MSE students, and SFU Engineering Competition for all SFU engineering students. I will be working closely with MSESS VP Finance, VP Events, and the ESSS VP External for the above.

Throughout the year, if you have any interest in being part of future conference delegations or any questions regarding the iron ring ceremony, or SFU Engineering Competition please do not be afraid to contact me at vpexternal@msess.ca.

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My name is Brindan Ramalingam, “Brindo” for short, and I will be your VP of Events. I am a student from Toronto, ON, and I am in my 3rd year of classes at SFU in Mechatronic Systems Engineering. I have previous experience working with Non-Profit organizations, such as Canadian Federation of Students, Jarvis SC and CTYA. I have been an elected board of director’s member of CTYA and I was responsible for organizing tournaments, recognition awards galas and workshops.

Encouraging engagement with the student population in our program and encouraging communication and networking among students, alumni, professors and industry personnel would definitely make the student culture more rich and create a stronger MSE network. As your VP of Events, I would like to implement many events for this type of engagement, and increase student engagement outside of the classrooms. With this being said, my position is to best provide the opportunities and events desired most by the student body, and there is no better way to make that happen then to always having feedback and consensus. Therefore, I encourage everyone to come out to events to be held, interact with one another, and definitely do feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions at vpevents@msess.ca.

Stay blessed.

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We, Braden Hall and Cassandra Coles will be serving as your Co-VPs of Communications within the MSESS. The two of us have been dedicated to serving our student society and school since coming to the program two years ago.

For the next year, you’ll be receiving biweekly emails and announcements from us regarding upcoming events and opportunities for students in MSE. We will also be the designers for promotional materials of events which the MSESS holds. If you ever need anything advertised by the MSESS or a mention in our newsletters and Facebook page, feel free to contact us by email at vpcomm@msess.ca.

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We are always actively looking how to serve the desires of the MSE student body across all academic, professional and social platforms