MSESS Executive Team Yearly Reports

Another year has come to an end and we congratulate the new team to keep the good work. The list of the new team is as follows:

  1. President: Muhammad Abid
  2. VP Internal: Nina Lin
  3. VP External: Pranjal Biswas
  4. VP Events: Amadea de Wit
  5. VP Communications: Teresa Lau
  6. VP Finance: Mohammed Istyaqul Alam
  7. SFSS Council Rep: Kimia Rezaeian
  8. VP Services: Vacant
  9. VP Academics: Vacant
  10. VP Professional: Vacant

The following are the reports presented by the MSESS Executive team:

  1. President: James Liu
  2. VP Internal: Nina Lin
  3. VP External: Muhammad Abid
  4. VP Events: Arrsh Mittal
  5. VP Communications: Ramy Elmallah
  6. VP Finance: Duncan Gichuru
  7. VP Services: Xinghao Li
  8. VP Academics: Neeraj Bansal
  9. Director of System’s fair: Trine Figuera

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